Tanzania People & Wildlife

Tanzania People & Wildlife

Tanzania People & Wildlife (TPW) works to ensure a future where humans and wild animals coexist and thrive. We partner with rural communities to create effective, sustainable solutions that improve the lives of rural Africans while protecting the natural world.
Our Model of Community-Driven Conservation
TPW empowers rural communities to successfully manage their natural resources while achieving significant ecological and financial benefits. We utilize a place-based, community-driven conservation model that establishes long-term relationships with local people based on the respectful integration of science and tradition. Our programs are designed to achieve balance between environmental conservation and sustainable livelihoods.


The entrance to one of APW's Living Walls

Human-Wildlife Conflict Prevention

Every day, lions and other large carnivores are killed as their habitats collide with expanding human communities. TPW reduces conflict between people and wildlife through innovative solutions that balance science and technology with traditional knowledge. We partner with communities to build Living Walls—environmentally-friendly corrals that protect livestock from attacks by lions, leopards, hyenas, and occasionally cheetahs and wild dogs. At pasture, our Warriors for Wildlife team provides rapid response to human-wildlife conflict events across 20 communities in northern Tanzania.

Wildlife and Habitat Conservation

The protection of wildlife and vital habitats requires the commitment of rural people. TPW partners with local communities to conserve endangered species and safeguard natural resources. Our team of community scouts is highly trained in wildlife monitoring and tracking, conflict prevention, data collection and analysis, and community outreach. The efforts of these dedicated men and women have resulted in notable decreases in both poaching and illegal charcoal production within their focus area.

APW's human-wildlife conflict prevention work saves the lives of approximately 150 lions each year.
Maasai herd their cattle on the Maasai Steppe in Northern Tanzania

Community Natural Resource Management

The future of northern Tanzania’s rangelands lies in the hands of the local people. Due to the negative effects of climate change, increasing livestock populations, and shifts in land use, the quality of critical pastures is declining. TPW helps rural communities to preserve their livelihoods by providing the technical tools and expertise they need to manage their natural resources effectively. A novel small grants fund empowers participants to lead their own conservation initiatives, leading to projects that protect vital watersheds, supply rainwater to local schools, and conserve pastures for use during drought conditions.

Youth Environmental Education

TPW is helping to grow the next generation of conservation leaders. We provide local youth with the skills and resources they need to take control of their environment’s future. Through immersive learning experiences such as after-school Wildlife Clubs and week-long Environmental Summer Camps, young people are learning about local wildlife conservation and community stewardship. The highest-achieving students receive full scholarships to a private secondary school.

Students learn about geography at Environmental Summer Camp, one of APW's environmental education programs.

Sustainable Enterprise Development

Microfinance and small businesses are the foundations for economic growth in rural Tanzania. By combining entrepreneurship with eco-friendly business principles, TPW’s sustainable enterprise programs uplift communities while protecting the environment. Our Women’s Beekeeping Initiative protects wildlife habitats and gives women the opportunity to access financial benefits from honey, while a 100% community-owned campsite provides revenue to the community from sustainable wildlife tourism.

Your support makes a direct, positive impact on Africa’s people and wildlife.

96% of all donations support our conservation programs.

Your support makes a direct, positive impact on Africa’s people and wildlife.

96% of all donations support our conservation programs.

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