Fighting for Our Wildlife, People, and Planet: 2017 Annual Appeal

November 7, 2017
Dr. Laly Lichtenfeld

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Maasai men and a Living Wall in Tanzania
Community members stand in front of a Living Wall in northern Tanzania. (Photo: African People & Wildlife/Felipe Rodgriguez)

Dear Friend,
As someone who cares deeply about the future of Africa, you are likely aware of the plummeting numbers of key wildlife species, the degradation of community lands, the loss of critical wildlife habitats, and the poverty and environmental challenges faced by people across the continent.
In Tanzania, African People & Wildlife is addressing all of these issues and more, delivering real, positive change to the communities and wildlife species that need our help the most.
Our growing and dedicated team has improved the lives of thousands of rural people, preserved tens of thousands of acres of vital habitats, and conserved numerous wildlife species, including seven highly threatened large mammals.
Please check out our new Impact Stories page to read about some of the lives that have been changed because of our work.

A camera trap image of a fringe-eared oryx in Tanzania
The locally-endangered fringe-eared oryx is returning to the Maasai Steppe after hardly being seen for many years. (Photo: African People & Wildlife)

It is your ongoing support that makes our success possible. Some of the milestones you helped us achieve over the past year include:

  • 1,000 schoolchildren were taught about environmental issues, bringing our total number of impacted youth to 7,000.
  • 50 enhancement grants were awarded to our women's beekeeping groups-others received ongoing training and support.
  • 12 exceptional students received full-ride scholarships to secondary school, bringing our total number of scholars to 42.
  • 150+ Living Walls were installed across our conservation landscapes, bringing our total to 800 and counting.
  • 5 villages took part in our new Sustainable Rangelands Initiative, and grassland quality has already improved in some areas.
  • 1 conservation landscape—the Ngorongoro Conservation Area—was added to our programmatic reach.
Dry and wet season grazing areas demarcated in Tanzania
Wet and dry season grazing areas are demarcated in the village of Ngolei. (Photo: African People & Wildlife/Neovitus Sianga)

With our strong record of success over the past 12 years, we know we can do so much more. We are committed to accelerating our impact by expanding our award-winning, internationally recognized model of community-driven conservation to many more communities and landscapes requesting support. The need is urgent and our time is now.

Your generous gift today will allow us to keep strengthening and expanding our work. Some of the goals you can help us achieve in the coming year include: 

  • Deepen our engagement with the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, our newest programmatic landscape.
  • Install 150 more Living Walls in partnership with communities in need.
  • Grow our Noloholo Environmental Scholarship program by sending more youth to secondary school and piloting college scholarship opportunities.
  • Expand our Women’s Beekeeping Initiative to reach a new district and engage more women’s groups.
  • Double the reach of our new Sustainable Rangelands Initiative to 10 villages.
  • Provide continuing training and support for our more than 40 Warriors for Wildlife.
  • Initiate a new watershed restoration plan in partnership with the community of Loibor Siret and the US Forest Service.
  • Develop a philanthropic department to ensure APW's long-term sustainability.
A female scholar in Tanzania
Jessica Hando, a Noloholo Environmental Scholar, plans to become a teacher. (Photo: African People & Wildlife/Laura Milton)

When considering the impact of your gift, please remember:

  • We don’t just talk about change, we act.
  • The results of our work are sustainable because the communities we partner with are invested in our mutual success.
  • Over 96% of our staff are Tanzanian citizens. They are deeply connected to local communities and the unique challenges faced by rural people.
  • Our field-based organization and lean operating model allow us to dedicate funds toward real impact on the ground. Last year, more than 96% of all donations directly supported our conservation programs.
  • You can request that 100% of your gift be allocated to a specific program or activity. Please note this on your contribution.

Your generosity will bring us one step closer to a world in balance. With your help, we can achieve an incredible future for northern Tanzania—a place where key wildlife populations will be secure, community lands will be flourishing and resilient, and local people will be prospering and invested in the future of their environment.
As always, I am deeply grateful for your support.

Laly Lichtenfeld, Ph.D.
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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Bernardsville, NJ 07924

+1 (908) 642-1540

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