Posts by Laly Lichtenfeld, Ph.D.

Creating a World in Balance: 2019 Annual Fund

African People & Wildlife (APW) has reached a major milestone in our growth as an organization. As we approach our 15th year of sustainable, community-driven conservation, APW has begun to transition from a successful grassroots innovator to a global influencer.

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Creating a Lasting Legacy for Our Planet: 2018 Year-End Appeal

In the midst of so much negative news about the state of our planet, it can sometimes be difficult to see that there is real, meaningful progress being made by dedicated people across the globe. Thanks to the commitment of our growing community, I’m pleased to share that exciting, positive transformations continue to take place in northern Tanzania.

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A Roaring Sound of Hope for Lions

Male lion in a tree

I remember a time when the roars of lions reverberated throughout Tanzania’s Tarangire ecosystem. When my husband, Charles Trout, and I first began work here in 2000 as part of my Ph.D. research program, we heard the lions roar almost every night—often from several different directions.

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Fighting for Our Wildlife, People, and Planet: 2017 Annual Appeal

Maasai men and a Living Wall in Tanzania

As someone who cares deeply about the future of Africa, you are likely aware of the plummeting numbers of key wildlife species, the degradation of community lands, the loss of critical wildlife habitats, and the poverty and environmental challenges faced by people across the continent. In Tanzania, APW is addressing all of these issues and more, delivering real, positive change to the communities and wildlife species that need our help the most.

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Expanding Beyond Conventional Conservation to Save African Lions

A male lion in northern Tanzania

There is a lion in Tanzania who ignites my passion. A beautiful young male ranging through one of our focal areas, a place where people and lions cohabitate and sometimes conflict. I’ve been tracking him for several years now, and still, he survives. He is part of a coalition with two other males. About a year or so ago, they battled their way to the top, becoming the dominant pride males in the area.

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No Silver Bullet Will Save the African Lion

It has been just over a year since the senseless killing of Cecil the Lion ignited a worldwide firestorm of outrage over trophy hunting. The tragic event spurred conversation and debate in many public spheres and became one of the most widespread conservation stories in history. It was a defining moment for not only the scientific and conservation communities, but for people from all walks of life.

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