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African People & Wildlife’s Top Ten Highlights from 2019

This year was the most successful and impactful to date for African People & Wildlife. Our programs created record numbers of wins for people and wildlife, we shared our community-driven conservation model across Africa and beyond, and stories about our work reached new audiences around the world.

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Defining the Future of Community Engagement in Conservation

Participants gather outside at the The Future of Community Engagement in Conservation workshop.

In November, the National Geographic Society and African People & Wildlife (APW) brought together 16 participants from six countries in Arusha, Tanzania for a workshop on The Future of Community Engagement in Conservation. The gathering was the first of its kind and a critical step toward the creation of a pan-African network of community engagement practitioners.

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APW Environmental Education Program Officer Revocatus Magayane: A Mentor and Advocate for Tomorrow’s Leaders

Revocatus Magayane greets youth during an APW environmental education program

Revocatus Magayane serves as the Environmental Education Program Officer at African People & Wildlife (APW). Since 2013, he has implemented education programs for more than 7,000 youth across northern Tanzania. Revocatus mentors and teaches young people through after-school Wildlife Clubs, environmental summer camps, and the Noloholo Environmental Scholarship program. He also co-teaches adult seminars on sustainable natural resource management. In 2015, Revocatus was named a Disney Conservation Hero.

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How Illegal Wildlife Trafficking Could Decimate Lion Populations

A female lion in northern Tanzania

Earlier this year, a community wildlife ranger made a startling discovery while on patrol in a Tanzanian nature refuge. The carcass of a lioness lay exposed to the midday sun. Her four legs, paws, head, and vital organs were missing. The ranger then uncovered the unimaginable: the lioness had been pregnant. Her two unborn cubs died with her, their hairless bodies removed from her womb by poachers and discarded at her side.

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A Small Team Achieves Big Results for Wildlife, People, and the Land

Gerard Raphael surveys the horizon of the vast Maasai Steppe landscape, always on high alert for any sign of danger or illegal activity. As the deputy commander of a small but dedicated team of community game scouts, Raphael is responsible for policing the lands of his own community—sometimes hiking in the heat for up to 20 miles a day—all in the name of protecting wildlife.

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